Long distance romance is a theme I affectionate very much. I myself met my best friend and soulmate online +10 years ago.
Love letters, emails, texts… I love when a romance story starts this way! Plus, some of the following heroes are masters at phone sex and steamy correspondance. Happy Reading, 🙂

I will Storyguy_100x150meet you on Wednesdays at noon in Celebration Park. Kissing only.
Carrie West is happy with her life . . . isn’t she? But when she sees this provocative online ad, the thirtysomething librarian can’t help but be tempted. After all, the photo of the anonymous poster is far too attractive to ignore. And when Wednesday finally arrives, it brings a first kiss that’s hotter than any she’s ever imagined. Brian Newburgh is an attorney, but there’s more to his life . . . that he won’t share with Carrie. Determined to have more than just Wednesdays, Carrie embarks on a quest to learn Brian’s story, certain that he will be worth the cost. But is she ready to gamble her heart on a man who just might be The One . . . even though she has no idea how their love story will end?

Mary Ann Rivers delivered here in this novella what you can’t easily find in a romance book. This story was sexy, sweet, poignant and beautifully written. I can only encourage you to give a try to this author whose writing is almost poetic, she has a way to let you feel the intimacy between her characters… This book contains—hands down— one of the best “sex phone” scene I’ve ever read! If I could give this little gem a 10 stars, I’d do it!

loveVirtually_100x150It begins by chance: Leo receives emails in error from an unknown woman called Emmi. Being polite he replies, and Emmi writes back. A few brief exchanges are all it takes to spark a mutual interest in each other, and soon Emmi and Leo are sharing their innermost secrets and longings. The erotic tension simmers, and, despite Emmi being happily married it seems only a matter of time before they will meet in person. Will their feelings for each other survive the test of a real-life encounter?
And if so, what then?

Omg this book! This book had me having a nervous breakdown at 4 am last year! It ended the worst way, leaving my heart shredded. But then with a little googling I found out there was a second book and then everything was right again! lol This book is an ovni. The narration is told exclusively in emails povs, but it’s done so brilliantly so, that you can discern very clearly both characters emotions, frustrations, yearning. There’s everything you can ask for in a romance book, it was fun, both characters had wit, and I loved how slowly their friendship turned naturally into something MORE. This one is a must read. <3

51QFEduk8zLA brutal mugging two years ago left Calli terrified to go out after dark, and incapable of real dating. Hanging out with a resentful Chihuahua every night hasn’t filled the void, and all the sex toys from the store she owns could never replace a flesh-and-blood man. An online Scrabble site promising anonymous, flirty fun sounds like just the ticket. A like-minded geek, that’s what she needs. Unbeknownst to her, the man on the other end of the game is anything but geeky.Tired of the party scene, Travis seeks a venue where he can meet a woman who is drawn to his mind, not his profession. Having women chase after his bad-boy musician persona has grown stale. After heating up the tiles online with Calli, he knows he must meet her in person. Touch her in person. And when he does, their chemistry is undeniable. She stimulates him, mind and body. But when he discovers her tragic past he realizes it will take more than words to win her heart…and her trust.

More Than Words is THE book that will have you propose your partner a Scrabble game later tonight. You wanna bet? Calli and Travis met online on Scrabble’s chatter room and later played the “real” game. Playful banter, hot and dirty talk, sizzling hot sex scenes, if you need a quick and hot read, this one will more than likely fit the bill. 

List in progress, more to come soon!

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