Review Policy

Please note that I run this blog alone, this means my time to read and review is limited. I’m pretty much open to anything, but at the moment I mostly read romance. Reading is a hobby, not a job, I’m doing all this only out of recreational purpose.
I’m not accepting review requests at the moment.

My rating system.
I rate all my books on a scale of 5 stars and I do rate by half a star sometimes.
Please note that a 3 stars review is not considered a bad one here. I read the book and I liked it, but it wasn’t just a favorite or one I would reread. I wanted to point this out, seeing lots of negative things lately about 3 stars reviews. Not all the books deserve a 5 star rating. I can differentiate what I liked a lot and what I did like a little less, reading being a very subjective experience, my ratings and opinions  are my own. 🙂

Amazing! My picky french self is wondering where this book was all my life! I will buy the paperback, recommend, and wouldn’t mind re-reading.

I loved it! This book is probably going to my favorite shelf and I will recommend it.

I liked it! I enjoyed the story but the “wow” factor was missing.

I didn’t particularly like it. I’m probably a little disappointed.

I didn’t like the book but was curious enough to finish reading it. Not without struggling though. o.O

DNF / I couldn’t finish the book. It didn’t keep my attention. I will not rate it, but I will write a quick line to explain what didn’t work for me.

Yes I do end up with a few DNFs… It usually happens when I don’t know what to read and pick up a book “au petit bonheur la chance”—randomly—. Another reason that can lead me to DNF a book, is stumbling upon one of my pet peeves. I have a few, sometimes I can overlook a love triangle if the characters and the story worth it.
With about 500 books—more or less— read each year, I’d say the DNF ratio is pretty low. I have a good idea of what pleases me and what doesn’t. I also have trustees friends who knows what I like and thus, have great recommendations to choose from.

I will however always review the books I read with honesty, not all of them, there’s unfortunately not enough time in the day!


  • Contemporary (cr)
  • New Adult (na)
  • Erotica (this includes all kind of kinky sub-genres)
  • Paranormal Romance (pnr)
  • Romantic Suspense (rs)
  • Historical Romance (hr)


  • Dark Romance
  • Non Fiction
  • Biographies
  • Young Adult (I do enjoy YA occasionally, but clearly not a favorite)
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