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I’m afraid my reading addiction is on its way to be cured by itself!!!

Why am I saying this? It’s a fact. Look at my previous book challenges. I’m on the decline.
In 2013, I managed to read the enormous and almost unbelievable total of 526 books. That’s right. More than a book a day. And you know Goodreads doesn’t count the eventual re-reads. 2013 was the year I discovered romance novels, so it could be I felt extra voracious and greedy.
In 2014 things were already recessing slightly, with a little over 420 books read. I know, we’re still on a more than a book-a-day average. (I’m well aware of my addiction. Not that I think it is a problem.)
2015 ended on a good note for me, I observed I chose quality over quantity but with a total read of 261 books and a 3.8/5 average rating. This is half what I was reading 2 years ago!
Could it be possible I’ve set an unattainable goal in 2016 with 300 books?
I can’t imagine reading less than this year, I’ve been busier than before and maybe even moodier than usual.
All of this isn’t good for my growing TBR pile (the 3 of them, lol) so I’m setting up my 2016 Goodreads challenge to 300 books, hoping to fulfill it and more!

I solemnly pledge to read 300 books in 2016 !

Take a look at my current book challenge on Goodreads.com

What about you? How many books are you willing to read this year?

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  1. says: Feeding My Addiction Book Reviews

    Ah, see… I am trying something different, and didn’t set a goal this year (It is already messing with my OCD self.) I also noticed my reading numbers have dwindled over the years. Blogging is a huge reason for this. (Plus I noticed this year I DNF’d more books than ever before.) I want to feel free to just read and not feel the push to “get it done”. So I didn’t set a goal. I will cheer you all on! 😀

    1. says: Alleskelle Blogs But Mostly Reads

      You’re right. Blogging is another reason why my reading time was cut in half. I’ve been thinking about my blogging time and decided to make some changes this year. But this is the subject for another post! Happy reading, Angela! <3

  2. says: Geri

    I’m scaling way back this year. I’m so jealous of all my friends who get to read 200 books and up. Next year, I might do 200+ again.

  3. says: Alleskelle Blogs But Mostly Reads

    The goal is to read less Arcs, I agree. I’ve thought about re-setting my goals in regard to blogging. I’ll be talking about this in another post. I hope you get to complete your challenge this year, Katy! <3

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