★BLOG ANNIVERSARY + GIVEAWAY★ Just one more chapter

Just one more chapter.


I’m one already!

Time goes fast, wasn’t it yesterday that I decided to go on this crazy idea to have a blog? A romance book blog? 
Sure seems like it! Between my reading time, the reviews, the incessant book talk, the book releases, book visuals and other book related shenanigans… I must say it all went in a blur.

I’ve learned a lot this past year, blogging wise… It helped me re-define what I was looking for the most as a blogger. What I liked to do. Why I was doing this.
The short answer is : I want to have fun!
This is why you’ll find new fun features, take a look around if you’re new, and stick with me if you’re an old acquaintance already, the best is yet to come!
But here is what you can expect from this blog in the future : 

Everyone have them! Every Tuesday I’ll share one of mine, or one from a friend or a reader. You can send me yours by commenting on any Pet Peeves’s blog post. 🙂


I’m sure you’ve heard these among your book lover friends. Here are a few of mine… Wait, I didn’t say I was going to stick to all! 


Wonder Hero Days are coming back! Every Wednesday, I’ll pick a favorite hero from a romance or erotica book. Yes, there will be pictures involved. Man candy galore! (click)

The Hooker Line is Real Book Talk between 3 romance book addicts. Take a look at the previous episodes here, and stay tuned for our next uncensored chats! Pet-Peeves were discussed this week, and we also interviewed author Kele Moon !

My only fluent language… Take a look at those Valentine’s cards… Hooker Style of course!


I started them when I opened the blog but ashamed to say that I forget all about them! My goal for 2016 is to work on them and propose you more book recommendations!


Every month I’ll share with you all about my most anticipated books! The ones I’m sure to one-click! I know there are many others so you’ll also find links to my fellow blogger friends  at the end of each post, with their own “must-reads”


 Launching our group on Facebook! Come join us for candid book talk, Hooker Style!
We’ll be discussing all things romance books with high dose of pervy-ness, of course!


So that’s it!
To celebrate this one year blogging, I’m offering my followers a chance to win a Kindle Fire, and yes, opened internationally! 

Just enter the Rafflecopter below ! 

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  1. says: Sandra

    Happy One year Anniversary!! I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews over the last few months! I’m mostly a kindle reader these days…..I don’t know if I can go back to paper….Did I just say that ;0

  2. says: Maria Rose

    Ha! Aleskelle, I started entering my email in the rafflecopter ‘put what email address you use to subscribe to my newsletter option’ and my clumsy fingers on my phone hit one letter then the enter box and I can’t get back to fix it! So if you see a person with email address ‘c’ , that’s me ( and obviously useless in terms of contacting when I win, haha)

  3. Happy Blog Anniversary Alex dear!!
    I read on my phone but it doesn’t feel comfortable. Lol. Would love to win the Kindle so I could read better :))
    Thanks for the giveaway! xoxo

  4. says: Sophie

    Happy Blogiversary, Alex!! I don’t have an e-reader, I have an android tablet with a kindle app.Thank you for the chance 🙂

  5. says: Lori J Pouncey

    Woohoo so awesome ☆
    Super exciting ☆
    Wishing you many more blog Likes and successful years ☆
    Thank you so much for this fabulous giveaway xoxo
    Entered the Rafflecoptor ♡
    Liked and shared xoxo
    Diane Carol Kinsella Silvia
    Donna Cashmore
    Jayne Wheatley
    Sarah Handy
    Sarah Blackburn PA
    Melissa Lark Scott
    Esther Gerdzen
    Kayce Johnson
    Thai Preyer PA
    Ashley Westphall-Carr
    Leah Garcia
    Barbara Stoker
    Elaine Marie
    Heather Strand
    Maranda Schroeder
    Dana Fiore Stusse
    Andie Lovesbooks
    Sunni Hancock
    Suzy Fren

  6. says: Bube

    Happy 1 Year Blogiversary!
    Best wishes for many more great,wonderful and fantastic blogging years ahead 🙂
    Yes,I have Kindle Paperwhite,but I would love to have Kindle Fire 😀 🙂
    Thank you for the amazing giveaways! 🙂

  7. says: Alexa Ayana

    Happy Blog Annivesary.
    Wish you all the best for years ahead.
    Thank you for the chance to win a Kindle fire. That’s amazing.
    I love reading in reader, my eyes not hurt anymore. I love kindle and kobo.

  8. says: Kelly Defries

    I read on my phone thru the Kindle App. Hoping to get something a little easier on the eyes, so thanks for this chance!!

  9. says: KateS

    I don’t own one, they don’t sell e-readers where I live, and amazon does not ship to my country *sobbing*. So I read on my iPhone, but I hate the small screen.
    Anyway, happy blogoversary, wish you many more!

  10. says: Stephanie J

    Yes, I like reading on the Kindle. Used to have an iPad, really didn’t use it so I returned it to my old office.

  11. says: Ashley Moore

    Thank you for the chance!!! I read on my kindle fire and on my kindle app of my phone. Sometimes I read on my Google play app too. I also love paperbacks! Thank you again for the giveaway!

  12. says: Theresa Nowaczyk

    I prefer ebooks now because they are cheaper usually and take up less space in the house lol. I mean nothing wrong with physical books, but my shelves are over flowing from years of collecting books. I have to read from an kindle app. Thank you! Happy Blog Day! <3

  13. says: Jennifer D.

    I read on my husband’s tablet currently, on the kindle app. I like it. I’ve never used iBooks so I don’t know if I’d like it better.

  14. says: Deborah Favorito

    Happy Blogiversary
    I read on my iPad, it has the Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBook and the Kobo app. on it.

  15. says: Alleskelle Blogs But Mostly Reads

    ****Winner is announced on Rafflecopter widget and has been contacted by email. Thank you all for your participation! <3

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