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I liked it

First time reading this author, I went on a Brazen binge last month, needing light and sexy reads. Hit or miss it appears. While I liked the premise, the cheesy ending failed to satisfy my picky self…

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1_To Tempt a Seal_CoverFor the first time in her life, social worker Lucia Lewis is ready to live. And the masquerade ball in Las Vegas is just the place to find a ridiculously hot guy to complete her wicked to-do list. The only rule? Her elegant Venetian mask—which conceals the scars that have always held her back from the life she deserves—stays on.

Navy SEAL Cade Daniels heads to Vegas on a mission to keep his best friend’s little sister out of trouble. Except the woman he’s sent to find is all heat and flame…and perfectly capable of handling herself. And him. But the moment Lucia’s mask slips, the need to heal her, body and soul, is complete and absolute temptation.

But revealing himself could cost him the one thing he isn’t willing to risk…his heart.

Author : Sara Jane Stone
Title : To Temp a Seal
Series : 
Sin City Seals #1
Publisher : Macmillan
Pages : 162
Release date : June 30, 2015
Genre : Contemporary, Erotica.



“Turn around,” he murmured as he moved behind her. His fingers toyed with the straps of her red dress and lowered them down her shoulders. “And tell me what you see.”

“People.” She gasped as he drew her dress down to her waist, revealing her black lace bra to the night air. Her nipples pebbled, begging for his touch. “Everywhere.”

Her breasts were left wanting as his hand moved to her legs and lifted her skirt until it bunched at her waist. A thrill ran through her. All those people below, and yet she was on the verge of losing herself in this moment. Being here, with him, felt wild and wanton, so far removed from the walls holding her trapped in her life back home.

“When you come…” His fingers teased the edge of her lace thong, and she spread her legs, opening for him. “When you scream my name, will they hear you?”

“No,” she gasped. His finger slipped beneath the edge of her underwear. “Maybe. I don’t care.”

“Does this fit your fantasy? Is this what you want?” he demanded. “Tell me.”

She turned to face him and looped her arms around his neck. His hand moved over her, and his fingers ran down her backside, touching, exploring. Her hips rocked against him, demanding friction.

“I want you,” she said. “Make me scream your name. Over and over. I don’t care if they hear. I want the fantasy. Please.”

My Review


Navy Seal Cade Daniels is sent to Vegas on a mission… Protect his best friend Nathalie’s little sister, Lucia and keep her out of trouble during her week end in Las Vegas…

I liked the premise of this story, Lucia, a beautiful young woman, scarred by her her foster father when she was younger, decided to offer herself a weekend of fun and reckless in the city of Sin…
Unaware of her beauty, she’s convinced no man will ever look past her disfigurement.
Dressed only in a sinful red dress and with the excuse of a masked ball to hide her marred features, she seizes the opportunity to find a handsome man for a night of sinfulness. 
Yeah, I can say I was more than okay with her choices to let it go. And knowing she’ll get caught by sexy Seal Cade Daniels? I was already jumping from excitement!

Cade Daniels is in for a surprise, he keeps looking for Lucia’s description but is drawn to a gorgeous woman dressed in red… 
Their meeting although expected was sweet and promised a sexy follow up. And Sara Jane Stone most certainly delivered on that part. “To Tempt a Seal” definitely fell into the heated read category with a bit of a kink thrown in for good measure. Cade revealed to be quite the dirty talker, the man knew how to take things to another level!
Lucia came with a list of fantasies to fulfill, and Cade will more than gladly play his part… They’re soon checking all what was on her note and more…

Too much, in my opinion, I enjoyed the story until it became clear the author was giving us an all to nicely wrapped case of insta-lust/love/hea.
I like some light reads eventually, yes, but I can’t just accept from 2 characters to fall in love over a night or two of sex in Las Vegas, of all places.
Overall I liked “To Tempt a Seal”, it was an okay read but I would have preferred it to end on some kind of ‘happy for now’ ending rather than this too sweet happy ending.
Arc offered in exchange for an honest review.

Author Bio

Sara_Jane_StoneAfter several years on the other side of the publishing industry, Sara Jane Stone bid goodbye to her sales career to pursue her dream-writing romance novels. Sara Jane currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her very supportive real-life hero, two lively young children and a lazy Burmese cat. Join Sara Jane’s newsletter to receive new release information, news about contests, giveaways, and more! To subscribe, visit www.sarajanestone.com and look for her newsletter entry form.

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