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Clueless Virgin


Romance Book Pet Peeves, Got Any?

Well, here is something that I can’t really wrap my head around to. The clueless virgins.
I mean, alright, in historical romance, young women were probably mostly sheltered, yeah, yeah. But why would you expect me to believe a woman would be as clueless as to ignore what sex can involve in contemporary romances?
Is that even possible? I refuse to believe it. If you are an author and fond of this kind of trope, you want to put an ingénue heroine in your next book? Please, please don’t make it seems like the heroine don’t have access to books, informed friends or mighty Google. I mean, come on!
If I have to read one more time about an heroine making wide eyes when spotting an man’s erection for the first time, I swear…. lol (Yes, you pervs, unless it’s an impressive one ! )

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