Kinky tastes, me?

Well, maybe…


Hey, I’m glad to see you here!
So you found my hiding place, here’s a little more about me and what you can expect browsing this blog.
(Authors, I’m not taking review requests at the moment.)

I’m Alexandra, the addicted and picky french reader behind Alleskelle’s nickname. I know you probably wonder how the hell you should pronounce that one. Let’s stick with something simple, you can call me Alex.

I have always been an avid reader, ever since I was not yet a grown up smart ass. Back then I got high on Fantasy and Science-Fiction and all their sub-genres—still do occasionally. I remember spending all my pocket money in books, and comic books. I guess some things just never change, ’cause I still put all my coins in the same basket, trying to feed my addiction. I even had this period where I’d go for the thrills and chills with a good Horror story, I needed to be spooked and spooked I surely was, because the last one I read still keeps my mind reeling at night.

Today though,I’m all about romance books. Any kind really. But if you must know, I do have favorites, there must be steam, great quality banter, a whirlwind of emotions and I’m not against a little angst!

My rating system.
I rate all my books on a scale of 5 stars and I do rate by half a star sometimes.
Please note that a 3 stars review is not considered a bad one here. I read the book and I liked it, but it wasn’t just a favorite or one I would reread. I wanted to point this out, seeing lots of negative things lately about 3 stars reviews. Not all the books deserve a 5 star rating. I can differentiate what I liked a lot and what I did like a little less, reading being a very subjective experience, my ratings and opinions  are my own. 🙂

Amazing! My picky french self is wondering where this book was all my life! I will buy the paperback, recommend, and wouldn’t mind re-reading.

I loved it! This book is probably going to my favorite shelf and I will recommend it.

I liked it! I enjoyed the story but the “wow” factor was missing.

I didn’t particularly like it. I’m probably a little disappointed.

I didn’t like the book but was curious enough to finish reading it. Not without struggling though. o.O

DNF / I couldn’t finish the book. It didn’t keep my attention. I will not rate it, but I will write a quick line to explain what didn’t work for me.

Yes I do end up with a few DNFs… Sometimes more than often when I don’t know what to read and pick up a book “au petit bonheur la chance”—randomly—. Another reason that can lead me to DNF a book, is stumbling upon one of my pet peeves. I have a few, sometimes I can overlook them if the characters and story are worth it.
With about 500 books—more or less— read each year, I’d say the DNF ratio is pretty low. I have a good idea of what pleases me and what doesn’t. I also have trustees friends who knows what I like and thus, have great recommendations to choose from.

I will however always review the books I read with honesty, not all of them, there’s unfortunately not enough time in the day! 

This blog is a place for me to share my latest book crush, new authors discoveries, pimp my favorite authors and post the occasional fanArt visuals.
(I’m not doing any promo blog tours, as I want the main focus of this blog to remain a personal place where I genuniely share my own book discoveries.)


  • Contemporary (cr)
  • New Adult (na)
  • Erotica (this includes all kind of kinky sub-genres)
  • Paranormal Romance (pnr)
  • Romantic Suspense (rs)
  • Historical Romance (hr)


  • Dark Romance
  • Non Fiction
  • Biographies
  • Young Adult (I do enjoy YA occasionally, but clearly not a favorite)

I also love to do pretty visuals from time to time, see this as my way to give life to my books. I love trying to give life to characters and stories that moved me. You can take a look at the gallery and see some of the visuals I’ve made before.
I’ve been asked quite a few times if I was taking commissions to do book promo visuals or book covers. My answer is yes I am considering it, so don’t hesitate to shoot me an email to discuss any project you’d like me to help you with. 

★ Amazon Affiliates Disclosure ★

What does it mean ?

Alleskelle Blogs is an AMZ associate.

“Alleskelle Blogs is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.”
What it means really is that a majority of the links I used for books on this blogs could help me earn a few $ to get this blog running. I use all my amazon Affiliates earnings to create giveaways for the readers of this blog. I do not make any profit from it.

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  1. says: Vrsha

    Hi Alex,
    I’m a real fan of your blog – it’s so amazing 😉
    I fainted when I read that you read approximately 500 books a year!!!!Where do you get the time woman?
    I struggle to finish my Goodreads challenge with only 100 books…anyways, I LOVE you blog so much <3

    1. says: Alleskelle

      Lol, Vrsha!
      Thank you for the compliments, it’s good to hear because I really think I’m talking to myself in here most of the time 😉
      And 500 books a year? I did read that much in 2013 and 2014 but this year I’m waaaay behind with approx. 300 books.
      Blogging definitely sliced my reading time in two!

      1. says: Vrsha

        Lol…That’s how I feel with my blog too :p
        Yeah I agree, I read more when I was not reviewing books and making graphics but now…pfff.
        I struggle to read 100 books *runs away and hides under the bed and peeking*

  2. That’s so awesome I am just starting I do YouTube reviews and have a blog I am so thankful I happened upon your page cuz it is very helpful I never thought of having a policy love this thank you for all you do!

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