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Okay, I don’t claim I have the perfect solution.

Let’s be real, if someone had found it, you wouldn’t be here reading about this in the first place.
No. You’d be perfectly engrossed in a book with a stupid happy smile on your face.
Do I sound bitter right now? Jealous? Maybe. Probably…

I’ve tried all of the following with little to no results:

Dude. I could gain 5 years browsing my shelves at home and I’m not even daring a look at my Goodreads shelves. I’d never make it out of there. I have a short list TBR on my kindle but these are mostly Arcs and I’m not sure why, these feel like some sort of an obligation right now. Am I just a pain in the ass or what? (Hey, I didn’t say it was okay for you to call me that.) But you know what I gained trying this technique? An even bigger TBR.

Okay, so I started reading a favorite (Golden Dynasty, KA) but a couple chapters in, I still felt the urgency to find my next book. I just couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen after. I think I also was more skimming and re-reading favorite scenes than anything because I truly re-read this book A LOT just the past couple of years. And to be perfectly honest, I’m not a huge re-reader. Some books you just can’t re-read because there is no surprise to them anymore.

Okay. So I lost my book high reading Contemporary, so a switch to another Romance sub-genre? I’ve tried Erotica thinking something light and steamy would help. (Hey arousing all the senses you’d think my brain would get the memo. Stupid brain.) The book was hot but it didn’t help me feel better.
Next time I shall try something completely out of my comfort zone. Dark Romance? Non-Fiction?

Errr. Okay, so I tried this but it didn’t help at all because the book I picked unfortunately kept things… rather on the surface and it felt like reading a book blurb. Not satisfying in the least. Hey book slump, is that you? Yeah it’s you, only even bigger than before!

The hell you say? I want something to read. I’m actually feeling bad because I can’t find anything that pleases me and you suggest I just… stop reading? Okay, I’ll bite. But how long should I give this nonsense to work? An hour? A day? A week? (A week without reading, ahah)

I know… It could be I’m feeling extremely… uncooperative and stubborn. (No it’s no even that time of the month)

In the end you want to know what worked for me?
PLAYING ZELDA BOTW. So yes I did stop reading to play my Nintendo. #BadReader

Camille, The Angry Reader has 6 tips for you as welll!
1 – I go to book blogs and see the latest and greatest.
2 – I go on goodreads to see what’s buzzing.
3 – I will try reading 3 or 4 “popular” books at once to see if one clicks.
4 – go to a go-to author (Shelly Laurenston right now).
5 – ask the ladies in the old school book club for recs (OSRBC : Old School Romance Book Club on Facebook).
6 – ask Suanne (Suanne Laqueur, Author) for a rec that’s out of genre to shake myself up.

What about you? Do you have rituals, spells and magic tricks to get you back to your happy reading place?

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