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Thanks to Emma Scott’s pleasant and smooth prose, falling into Forever Right Now and devouring it in one afternoon was an evidence. It provided a much needed escape in the most satisfying ways. Charming characters, uncomplicated plot between two people feeling an instant connection, at crossroad between a slow burn and insta-love.

Book Infos

Darlene Montgomery has been to hell and back…more than once. After a stint in jail for drug possession, she is finally clean and ready to start over. Yet another failed relationship is just the motivation she needs to move from New York to San Francisco with the hopes of resurrecting her dance career and discovering that she is more than the sum of her rap sheet. As Darlene struggles in her new city, the last thing she wants is to become entangled with her handsome—but cranky—neighbor and his adorable little girl…

Sawyer Haas is weeks away from finishing law school, but exhaustion, dwindling finances, and the pressure to provide for himself and his daughter, Olivia, are wearing him down. A federal clerkship–a job he desperately needs–awaits him after graduation, but only if he passes the Bar Exam. Sawyer doesn’t have the time or patience for the capricious—if beautiful—dancer who moves into the apartment above his. But Darlene’s easy laugh and cheerful spirit seep into the cracks of his hardened heart, and slowly break down the walls he’s resurrected to keep from being betrayed ever again.

When the parents of Olivia’s absentee mother come to fight for custody, Sawyer could lose everything. To have any chance at happiness, he must trust Darlene, the woman who has somehow found her way past his brittle barbs, and Darlene must decide how much of her own bruised heart she is willing to give to Sawyer and Olivia, especially when the ghosts of her troubled past refuse to stay buried.

Author : Emma Scott
Title : Forever Right Now
Series : –

Number of pages : 299
Publisher : Self Published
Release Date :  October 23th, 2017
Genre : Contemporary

My Review

Do you ever wish you could take a moment and keep it forever? Like right now… how you taste in my mouth, and your hands on me, and your eyes, God, Sawyer the way you’re looking at me…

Forever Right Now came to me at the most opportune time, having just finished my most intense read prior to start this review copy, I needed something light to follow and it totally hit the spot in that regard.

This is my second read by Emma Scott and I understand a lot of the appeal many of my reader friends find in her stories. (Although I was told her earlier books were much more emotional than her two latest releases, Forever Right Now included.)

Having previously read The Butterfly Project I found Forever Right Now to hold a common pattern: lost and damaged young people find love in the most unexpected ways with the clear and intent focus on the author’s part regarding their pursuit of happiness.

It was there, that urge to sing for the world with my entire self.

Hold iup right there though, lost and damaged people could imply this book gravitates toward melancholy when it’s quite the contrary actually. Emma Scott manages to deliver a lighthearted tale about friendship and new beginnings and effectively waving in an instant-like love interest between two very much opposed characters. A single dad and a recovering addict.

Seriously? Do not tell me Mr. Mom is my neighbor.

Now… What pushed me to actually read the book? Honestly?
The single dad’s trope.
It’s my weakness. I guess I’m just another whimpering hormonal mess of a woman regarding this trope. I just love to read about a man taking care about his kid(s) and knowing he needs someone to fill the sadly unintended spot in his heart— bed. I mean heart, really. 😉

The way he cares for her only adds to his ridiculous sex appeal.

Sawyer Haas was a great single dad! The job fell onto him unforeseeably as a hookup from the past dropped a few months old baby into his lap and ran off. I know he’s pictured as a jerk with a cold facade—we love aloof and inaccessible heroes, right?— but you’ve got to know a man this young and facing this kind of situation, doing everything possible to provide for his little girl, has got to have a huge heart underneath that seemingly distant appearance. So, yeah, Sawyer The Lawyer had all the qualities of a great romance hero. 

I’d traveled three thousand miles, and the deep longing to have someone see me trailed after like a shadow I would never shake.

If you read The Butterfly Project, you’ll recognize Darlene, the former dancer with addiction problems. Well, she decided to get her life straight and start fresh in San Francisco where a job, a NA sponsor—Max, whom I wouldn’t mind reading more about in the future *hint*,*hint* — and a six month sub rental in a beautiful unicorn of Victorian house await.

There she meets her two other neighbors, a single dad working to pass the bar exam, Sawyer and Elena, a mother of two, babysitting occasionally Sawyer’s daughter, Olivia.

You’re like this whirling ball of energy that sweeps people up so they can’t help getting caught up in you.

I really enjoyed reading about Darlene waltzing her way into Sawyer’s and Olivia’s lives, she was a great heroine, selfless, with her heart and mind set on breaking habits that failed her in the past. Her greatest weakness—and quality— is her craving for human connection, she just can’t help herself reaching out and helping out, Sawyer didn’t stand a chance against her and her tuna casseroles, cold and impassible facade be damned! Darlene is the complication Sawyer doesn’t need right now, so close to finish law school and get his daughter legal custody. 

She’s the exact opposite of me in every way.

Another point I really enjoyed was the constant and right portrayal of Olivia, the kid. See, I have a weird thing with kids in my romance books, more often than not, they’re used as an accessory to the story—which pisses me off— and offhandedly taken care of whenever the author remembers there’s a kid or are written in the most unrealistic way, especially when it comes to the dialogue parts and authors either make them talk like dumb little humans only in cutesy phrases—did you know kid can’t talk properly?— or address to adults as if they were impersonating Stephen effing Hawkins. So between cutesy kids and geniuses, I’d really like a kid in the middle. You know… Average. And Olivia with her thirteen months grand age, fit the bill. She was cute through her actions and her language skills were in adequacy with her age.

I wanted to feel without thinking or stopping myself. I let my body speak for the music and there was no shame, in these words. No loneliness. Only myself, and I was alive.

Thanks to Emma Scott’s pleasant and smooth prose, falling into Forever Right Now and devouring it in one afternoon was an evidence. It provided a much needed escape in the most satisfying ways. Charming characters, uncomplicated plot between two people feeling an instant connection, at crossroad between a slow burn and insta-love.

I didn’t feel this story on a *deeper* level, but would rather gladly put this story on my “feel good books shelf“, the very story any romance reader would enjoy for an afternoon! 

With a very very very happy ending which delivered ALL THE FEELS—maybe too saccharinely? But don’t mind me, I’ve just left a very intense and complex world, so I might be biased and reluctant to that kind of sugar right now I’m sure this book will melt romance reader’s hearts!

I can only regret, the constant “skimming” feel I had throughout the book, as if something was missing for me.
I wish the author would have given more time for the two main characters to get know each other properly, as sometimes it felt I was being told the connection was there, happened, but I wasn’t there to witness it. Almost as if her intention was to keep things superficial. It’s perfectly fine if you’re looking for an easy and light read, but it did leave me wondering when and where all the feelings were coming from. But enough with my nitpicking already, if you’re looking for happy feels, Forever Right Now is what you need.

-Everything good in my life is because of you. How do I thank you for that?
-You don’t, silly. Just love me, Sawyer.

“Forever Right Now” by Emma Scott. ©

Excerpt “Forever RIght Now” by Emma Scott. ©

“Who are you?” he demanded rudely, shifting the diaper bag higher on his shoulder while hoisting his little girl in his other arm. He was six feet of hotness in a rumpled suit, glaring at me with suspicion in his dark eyes.

“I…I’m your new neighbor?” It sounded more like a question; as if I needed this guy’s permission to live. I straightened to my full height. “I just moved in upstairs. I’m a dancer. Well, I was. Had to take some time off but I’m going to get back into it soon…ish.” I put on my friendliest smile. “I’m a massage therapist now. Just got my license and…”

My words died under Sawyer’s withering stare.

“A dancer. Fantastic,” he said bitterly. “Just what I always wanted. Someone leaping and thumping above me, waking my kid up and disturbing my studies at all hours of the night.”

I planted my hands on my hips. “I can’t dance in a dinky apartment, and besides…”

Words failed me again as the sharp planes and hard angles of Sawyer’s face melted when his daughter–I guessed her to be about a year old–suddenly clapped her small hand over his chin. Sawyer’s hard gaze softened, and his broad mouth turned up in a smile–a beautiful smile I was sure only his little girl ever got to see, and so full of love that for a moment I could hardly breathe. 

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Emma Scott writes romances with flawed characters, characters with artistic hearts: builders, poets, and writers of various makes and models. And love always wins. Always.



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