BOOK REVIEW⎜The Layover by Roe Horvat


All the feels for this M/M romance! Poignant and real but also playful, sweet and sexy. A very nice balance making of The Layover an unputdownable read.

Book Infos

Eight years ago, Ondro Smrek fled Slovakia and the bigotry that drove his first lover to take his own life. The demons proved impossible to outrun, though, and now, desperate for somewhere to belong, Ondro is returning to start over. During a layover in Basel, Switzerland, he meets Jamie, an American living in Scotland who is as brilliant as he is beautiful.

Jaded Ondro never would have guessed he could fall in love during a brief layover—until now. When he is put in a position to offer Jamie comfort without hope of recompense, Ondro doesn’t hesitate. Soon, he catches a glimpse of the home he longs for. But with their separation looming, confessing his feelings would only lead to pain and humiliation. Life has taught Ondro not to hope, but then, he never believed in love at first sight either…

Author : Roe Horvat
Title : The Layover
Series : 

Number of pages : 117
Publisher : Dreamspinner Press
Release Date :  July 19th, 2017
Genre : Contemporary, Erotica.

My Review

I was kissing him again. More like eating at him, pressing my tongue into his mouth almost violently. I was ravenous and terrified because it struck me that this was it. The single most erotic moment of my life.

LOVED IT!!! Just loved it. ALL the feels for this MM romance!
The writing, the character development, the connection and chemistry, the premise, the development of the story…
I fell in LOVE with this story and the author’s clever and beautiful writing. It reads flawlessly and makes you avidly turn the pages, fills you with soft touches of poetry and insights of a more serious matter.
The mix is truly genuine, endearing, meaningful and perfect. Just perfect.
The connection between Ondro and Jamie so sweet and real, the sad and ugly reality that surrounded them addressed brilliantly by the author, adding another layer, something to ponder and reflect about without  over-shadowing the romance.

I hugged him closer, sinking us both deeper into the covers, wrapping us up in our little bubble of warmth and denial.

If this was “just” a first publication, then I must say I’m really impressed and eager to read more from Roe Horvat in the future. Her second novel “Dirty Mind” should release early September 2017.

I didn’t have to keep it together, didn’t have to try to prove stuff, didn’t have to pretend. I could just drift away knowing Jamie was there, holding me tethered to the real world, keeping the monsters away.

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Roe was born in former Czechoslovakia and endured a miserable adolescence in the post-communist wasteland. Equipped with a dark sense of sarcasm, they left for Germany and later, Spain.

Finally, they settled in Sweden, where the weather is nasty but the freedom great. Roe works as a motion graphics artist, loves Jane Austen, Douglas Adams and everything in between, preferably by the fireplace with a strawberry daiquiri in hand. Roe writes contemporary romantic fiction – it conveniently balances out their real-life pragmatism.

When not hiding in the studio doing graphics, Roe can be found trolling cafés in Gothenburg, writing, and people-watching.

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