Clean Romance

What is your preference?
Personally I’m sitting in the middle. I like a little to great steam and realism in the bedroom in my romance but I enjoyed some fade to black scenes too. Though if I’m being honest, building up tension between two characters and not delivering is quite cruel!
How do you like your romance? Clean and respectable under all angles? Or a little dirty?

What about you? Anything you want to share?  I’m sure you have a thing or two bothering you in romance novels, come on, don’t be shy…

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  1. I don’t normally enjoy clean. I want to see the connection and a fade to black always feels like I’m missing an integral part of the story. There’s an openness in the bedroom that the couple can’t hide and we get to see the trust and intimacy build. I have enjoyed books without sex in them but not when the door slams in my face. I don’t need to see every sex scene, just the initial and one or two more. I enjoy reading all different types of heat level. 🙂

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