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Verena’s Vincent’s Delta of Venus novellas are a treat.  I don’t normally give out 5-stars to erotic novellas because I usually feel short changed on characterization and plot and no amount of sex can really ever make up for that in my opinion.  At heart, I love a great story.

**Verena Vincent also writes under the name of Tamara Larson and she’s got other series’ that are definitely worth checking out!
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Shan's Review

Delta of Venus Inc. is a selective agency that caters to women’s fantasies.  Clients come to DOV Inc. when they are fortunate enough to be given a card by someone in-the-know.  Miss Bright, DOV’s Vice President takes meticulous care to tailor a fantasy scene with the perfect Facilitator for the job, all for the bargain price of $10,000 a scene.

These are so well-written (even if there is the occasional typo/grammatical mistakes), engaging and surprisingly sweet considering the theme of male prostitution and sexual fantasy indulgence. These are more than a writer slapping down some of the every-woman’s nighttime fantasies on paper and calling it done. There’s a thread of a story with Miss Bright and DOV that keeps the reader wondering what’s going on with her, and wanting to know more. I am really enjoying these and eagerly anticipate the next in the series, which I believe will be Miss Bright’s story.

Kayla's Cowboy Fantasy #1

51TYQyys7ZLProfessionally, Kayla Foreman has achieved everything she set out to accomplish by the age of 34. Being known as “The Dragon Lady of the 32nd Floor” by her subordinates at work is just fine with her. Well, most of the time. It does get a bit lonely sometimes, but she’d rather be feared than disrespected. And the title certainly ensures that the boring corporate stud-muffins keep their distance. 

She’s left her humble, small-town beginnings far behind her, but can’t quite shake her taste for the rugged men from her past. One particular voyeuristic adolescent encounter with a farmhand has haunted her erotic fantasies for years. If she can just move past her cowboy fixation, she’s certain she can find someone more suitable to share her life. 

The answer to her problem arrives in the form of a simple business card with the words, “Your Fantasy” and a phone number printed on the front. That’s it. Against her better judgment and after several lemon drop martinis, she contacts Delta of Venus Inc., and sets up an interview at the female fantasy fulfillment agency. 

What she finds there isn’t the tawdry bordello-type situation she was expecting. Instead their service offers authentic, discreet and detailed scene enactments. She can have practically anything she wants. For a price, of course. And what she wants is an afternoon with the cowboy of her dreams. Maybe a riding lesson from a trained professional might just do the trick… 

What Kayla doesn’t count on is that her fantasy cowboy has his own plan in place, and it involves much more than just a few hours in the saddle. 

Author : Verena Vincent
Title : Kayla’s Cowboy Fantasy
Series : 
Delta of Venus Inc. #1
Publisher : –
Pages : 76
Release date : March 25, 2012
Genre : Erotica.


This novella was very sexy. Every now and again I like to swerve away from romantic-fantasy reading and just indulge in straight-up sexual fantasy. That’s just what our heroine, Kayla, is attempting to do. Except she’s going to make her fantasy a one-night-only reality, with help from an agency called Delta Of Venus, Inc.

Though reluctant at first, Kayla goes through with the appointment because since the tender age of 15, she’s had a consuming fantasy revolving around a voyeuristic episode she had with a young cowboy. The “scene” and the “scene facilitator” end up blowing her youthful fantasies out of the water. It’s SMOKING HOT!

The story is told in 3rd person from the heroine’s perspective. We’re not privy to Nick’s feelings or motivations until the end–there is a deleted 3rd chapter included. It seems as if this was originally planned to be a dual-POV story, but that the author decided to let Nick remain a sexy stranger to Kayla and to the readers. I think that was a good call. I’m usually pro-hero POV, but this worked. The thing that is making me sort of wish she had done it the original way is because that deleted chapter didn’t just clue us into Nick, but into another character with past heartbreak that seemed to have a story worth telling, too.

Holly's Dream Lover Fantasy #2

71Op7QvFLqL._SL1240_When Holly Chambers wakes up in the night to find a stranger in her apartment,she has a pretty normal freaked out reaction to a creepy home invasion. But after escaping her would-be attacker relatively unscathed she starts experiencing one very unusual side effect from almost being the victim of a violent crime. What started out as a really scary recurring nightmare has evolved into something disturbingly erotic and completely unwanted. Or at least that’s what she tells herself. 

Now he’s there in her dreams, every single night, touching her, forcing her to experience pleasure more intense than she’s ever imagined. But it’s not real, and she feels like she’s slowly losing her mind. No matter how tempted she is to continue to indulge in some kinky, multi-orgasmic high-jinks with her very own dream man it’s times to embrace reality again and move on from that horrible night. Determined to stay in control, Holly needs to banish her dream lover once and for all. 

When a business card with the words, “Your Fantasy” falls into her lap she formulates a plan to solve her problem. What if she contacts this female fantasy fulfillment agency and lives out her erotic dream? Would that finally give her peace and possibly some real physical pleasure (outside the dream) for once? 

Contacting Delta of Venus Inc., seems like her only option to exorcise her dream lover, but who is the mysterious man she’s invited into her bed? Is he just a very talented stud-for-hire, or something much, much more?

Author : Verena Vincent
Title : Holly’s Dream Lover Fantasy
Series : 
Delta of Venus Inc. #2
Publisher : –
Pages : 105
Release date : August 11, 2012
Genre : Erotica.


Holly Chambers has been through a nightmare…and it continues to torment her dreams months later. Her near-miss with a home intruder bent on rape has left Holly traumatized. She’s lost weight and cannot sleep. When she does sleep she’s plagued with nightmares of being attacked in her bed. Often these nightmares turn erotic, which disturbs her even more.

Nearly at her wits-end, Holly finds she’s been slipped a card for Delta of Venus Inc. Therapy hasn’t worked, medication hasn’t worked, so Holly decides a reenactment–a safe reenactment–of her dreams might be her ticket to healing.

Though reluctant, Miss Bright, Vice President of DOV, takes pity on Holly and allows the fantasy to be set up with one of her skilled Scene Facilitators.

At this point in the story I was a little concerned that I wasn’t going to enjoy the rest because dub-con and non-con–even in a role-playing scenario– is not something I care to read about.

But as with the other DOV stories, there’s always a turn, a twist that alters the original plans–that takes something hot and dirty (or in this case scary and dirty) into something sexy and sweet.

Like with the first Delta of Venus story, we are given a bonus, hero-POV chapter at the end of the book. Because these stories belong to the heroines, the ones with the fantasies, it fits that the motivations of the Scene Facilitators aren’t included in the flow of the story. But it is nice to get a glimpse (afterward) of his feelings and take on the situation. We also get to know a bit about a former Scene Facilitator and also Miss Bright who will both have their own DOV stories in the future.

If I enjoyed this one less than the others, it was only minimally and just due to the fantasy-as-therapy idea which seemed all kinds of wrong and full of potential disaster.

*Though this deals with sensitive subject matter there is no rape or simulated rape scenes in this novella.

Mona's Honeymoon Fantasy #3

710TwbK3VlL._SL1500_Mona Porter has, literally, worked her butt off to transform herself from an unhappy, overweight spinster to a strong, confident, man-magnet. Well, sort of. She’s still working on the man-magnet part. Personal trainers helped her lose the weight and her therapist worked through some of her self-esteem issues, so now there’s only one thing standing between her and finding an appropriately safe, supportive and sensitive man to share her life with: Her virginity. 

As a teenager she wasn`t ready to lose her V-card so decided to save herself for true love. She had no idea that guy would be this late. At forty her biological clock is ticking like mad and she can’t wait much longer if she wants to be a mom. She needs to find a suitable partner ASAP but hates the thought of explaining why she’s an innocent at her advanced age. So she formulates a plan to get rid of her hated hymen without the awkwardness of the whole expired cherry discussion. 

Professionals worked for her other obstacles, so why not hire one to help her with the last hurdle between her and happily ever after? She can have the perfect honeymoon with the ideal fake bridegroom. All she has to do is pay for it. Lucky for her, Delta of Venus Inc., is prepared to fulfill her fantasy. 

She can have anything she desires and to her that means a kind, gentle lover to tenderly initiate her into the world of love-making. At least that’s her plan until she meets an aggravating, dominating, dirty-talking bad-boy who introduces her to mind-blowing lust instead. And possibly a whole lot more. 

She’s spent her first forty years hiding from life. Is she really ready to risk her heart on a man like him?

Author : Verena Vincent
Title : Mona’s Honeymoon Fantasy
Series : 
Delta of Venus Inc. #3
Publisher : –
Pages : 119
Release date : June 3rd, 2014
Genre : Erotica.


If you’ve read the previous 2 novellas in the series, you know to expect a heroine with a need to enact a particular fantasy–and the surprise at the end for the heroine. They are erotic (smoking hot) and end on a sweet note that makes the whole “paying for a man” thing seem less distasteful than it normally would.

In this installment we have Mona, a 40 year old virgin and former fat girl, who, after a cancer scare decided to get into shape and start really living her life. But her virginity is holding her back. Once a date knows she’s a virgin, they want no part of that. Plus, she figures that she deserves to have it lost on her terms and in just the way she wants since she’s hung onto it for so long. This is where Miss Bright, Delta of Venus Inc. and the Honeymoon Fantasy comes into play.

On an island resort, with her new husband desperately in love with her, Mona wants to have the most romantic and beautiful de-flowering a woman could have. She just needs to get on a plane and rendezvous with her “groom”.

Only, the temptation to throw the whole scheme out the window comes 30,000 feet in the air and from a man who is very interested in making their long flight a memorable one. Sam isn’t anything like her imagined or handpicked lover would be, nor are the scandalous and dirty things anything like she would have said she wanted in her first time, but damn, if all he was and all he wanted turns out to be exactly what she needed.

I loved that this DOV was a bit different than the rest. I don’t really want to spoil anything, but the bonus chapter at the end of the first 2 books wasn’t in this one–instead the motivations of the hero and of Miss Bright were just seamlessly integrated into conversation at the end. True, we don’t get hero POV, but this way of writing it made it flow better.


The writing is great, the heroines are likable (no small feat in my opinion) and there’s always some funny to go along with the sexy:

I’m not the sexy one here. Look at you, dangling off the side there like a mermaid. And not the wholesome Disney type either. We’re talking Ariel’s nymphomaniac cousin. The one who never closed her legs once she finally got them.

I can’t wait for new installments. I’ve never really been a huge fan of short erotica, nor do I usually like stories without the hero’s perspective, but these are great and I’m totally on the hook!

Author Bio

Verena Vincent has been reading erotic romance for many years, but could never find that perfect balance of heat and romance she was looking for. She was the goldilocks of the genre, sampling various authors but either finding them too bland (not hot enough) or too spicy (kinda gross). Having written some main-stream contemporary romance novels, she decided to try her hand at writing novellas that her mother will NEVER EVER read, if she can help it. The result of that endeavor is the Delta of Venus Inc., series and the recently re-released paranormal erotic romance novella, “Trapped with the Vampire.” (Previously distributed under the title, “The Vampire’s Last Virgin.”)

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