★BOOK REVIEW★ My Beloved by Eden Butler

I loved it! I was eager to know a little more about Keira and Kona HEA and I wasn’t disappointed. This book complements Thin Love beautifully, and introduces us to Ransom story. Thick Love, (Thin Love #2) is expected for summer 2015. 

Publisher : Self Published
Series : Thin Love

Pages : 110
Release date : December 8, 2014
Genre : Romance

The Story

MyBeloved_375x563Keira Riley was the girl Kona Hale loved first, the woman he wants to love last. They’ve battled addiction, forgiven betrayal and healed from heartache, coming through it all bruised but hopeful that their future will be limitless.
Kona Hale was a blinding flame that Keira Riley gladly burned inside—his touch, his kiss, his overwhelming love, all made her dizzy, desperate and desired, made her believe in a love worth bleeding for, a love that ignites the heart with an unquenchable flame. But when you fall in love with an NFL darling who can’t seem to let go of the spotlight, sometimes even that flame can be gutted by the buffeting winds of opportunity, can be lost behind the brilliant flash of fame.
As Keira and Kona get caught up in plans for an extravagant march down the aisle, the hard won sanctuary they’ve found in each other’s arms begins to erode. Will they be able to see through all the beckoning glitz and glamour to what they have worked so hard to build together, or will their love be lost in the spotlight?
MY BELOVED is a novella set prior to the THIN LOVE epilogue.

My Review

A couple month back, I discovered Eden Butler, reading her angst filled story, 
Thin Love. It wasn’t a gentle ride, but a brilliant and vivid love story, that literally consumed me. It left me thinking about Kona and Kiera, wondering what would happen to them after… I’ve spent days with them on my mind, fantasizing on their future, and those thoughts were supposed to be left at that. Could only ever be just that. Fantasies.
Thin Love is a stand-alone novel, after all.

But this was without taking in consideration thousands of other readers, whom just like me, were left wanting more. More Kiera and Kona. More Ransom too.

I usually tend to dislike add-ons novellas and sudden sequels, due to the fact that they rarely meet my expectations and turn to be of a less quality…
This is definitely not the case with My Beloved. Eden Butler did a fabulous job here, fulfilling my wishes and then some!

“You still want me? Just me? You still my girl, Wildcat?”


First, she listened to her readers, and worked on to give them what they were all avidly asking : an extended Happily Ever After.
You’ll undoubtedly swoon here, she delivers glimpses of Kiera’s and Kona’s lives, showing us how they’re adjusting to each other after being apart for almost 20 years…
But you’ll get snippets of Ransom too. Seeing him interact with his mom and dad… It’s just precious. This young man had my heart in Thin Love, well, let’s say I’m positively sure of my feelings for his character now.

As I was saying before, more often than once, additional novellas are a hit or miss for me.
So did My Beloved pass the test? Hell yes!
Eden Butler didn’t just sprinkled sugary sweet words here for the sake of instant happiness, this is not what Kona and Kiera relationship is about. The feel you had in Thin Love? The constant grip at your heart feeling? The silent screams asking for both Keira and Kona to get their their shit together? The raw emotions? The explosive lovemaking scenes?
You’ll get all of the above in this novella.

He climbed over her, dragging those hard, delicious muscles up her torso, rubbing himself against her sensitive nipples before he grabbed her face, making her look at him. “And this…” a twist of his hips and Kona slammed back into her, thrusts deep, penetrating, “this is yours. This is only yours.” Another deep thrust and Kona groaned, echoed the satisfied noise Keira made when he hit her G-spot. “I…I gave you this a long time ago, baby.” And then Kona worked faster, lifted on his hands, massive biceps and triceps shaking as moved his hips, filled her, eyes closed and that severe expression, the one that looked like hunger and pain and pleasure that was almost overwhelming, returned to his face. “All yours, baby. I’ve always been yours.”

But you’ll also get beauty.
Beauty from Kona, who despite his best attempt at being perfect for Keira, for Ransom, is still maladroit in his way of showing it. This man has the best intentions in the world toward his family but doesn’t know how to show it.
Beauty from Kiera’s and Ransom’s relationship. I definitely want to “see” more of this. I loved the dynamic between mother and son. And Ransom and his father? Swoon inducing.

Let me say Eden Butler surprised me from the start, I didn’t expect this opening for My Beloved.
I was hooked from page one, determined to discover what in hell could have lead to this.
And I wasn’t disappointed.
Besides, I would have been surprised if things went all smoothly for them. They ought to make some mistakes (some more), after being apart for so long, they have to learn how to be with each other. Their love and attraction whilst undeniable, they still have their own natural explosive temper to deal with.

“I lost you once, Keira. It cost me decades. It cost me a lifetime of memories with you, with my son. I’m not doing that shit again. I won’t lose my always. I messed up and you ran. I told you, baby, I’ll never stop following after you. It’s pointless to keep running. I’ll find you. I’ll always find you.”

I also loved the setting for My Beloved, reading about Hawaiian and Polynesian traditions, getting inside Kona’s family… It was really a great addition to their love story, and it really ends on a sweet note. But it doesn’t stop me to expect, wish, BEG for more!

There’s also a little sneak peek at Kona’s story, (Summer 2015…) and all I can say is, Eden Butler : JUST BRING IT!!!

Wonder Woman, conquered, over.

(Arc copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.)

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