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A cute story around a trope all social media addicts should enjoy!

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51zeiMQ0-yL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_Six years ago, I met Blackbird on an internet forum, drawn in by our shared interest: cemetery porn. We chatted every single day, until Blackbird vanished, leaving no indication he ever existed at all. 

Armed with only a name and mailing address, I journey to Cherokee, North Carolina, home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, to discover if Blackbird is alive. What I uncover in the land of blue smoke is beyond anything I imagined, and the faceless stranger on the other side of my computer screen is a harborer of puzzling secrets and unsavory truths. 

Should I sever our connection for good? 

Or should I stay and weave my way through Cherokee culture and tradition, in hopes of unearthing the man behind the keyboard?

Author : Fran Seen
Title : Blackbird
Series : Online Romance #1

Number of pages : 224
Publisher : 
Release Date :  December 31, 2015
Genre : Contemporary

My Review

Blackbird_alleskelle_cast1It’s not a secret I have a thing for long distance romance stories, or more precisely for online romances.

And wait, before you start telling me there is not such thing as online romance, let me just say that we’ll have to agree to disagree. Yes, romance letters are classics, and I’ve read many books featuring them. There is no denying I find them charming and beautiful, but I love the idea of an online romance even more.

After all, I met my best friend and father of my son this way. So there is that.

Let me start by saying Blackbird was super fun to read! The author did a great job with the online banter, so much so that I could definitely understand how the friendship between Dolly and Blackbird grew so tight.

Struggling to please both her dad and sister, Dolly is a dreamer. Feeling forced to follow a path she doesn’t want to, she escapes on the internet and shares about her passion with online friends. One especially… A certain Blackbird.

Time flies and Dolly wants more from her internet friend than a few words exchanged here and there. She wants to meet him. Only the feeling is not mutual and Blackbird seems okay with their virtual relationship. So when he suddenly goes MIA, Dolly goes on a mission to find out if her friend is alright…

The online dialogues were my favorite part of the book, Dolly was full of snark and the mysterious Blackbird in tune with her brand of humor. I enjoyed the premise a lot and thought their “accidental” meeting was cute.

I was surprised and enjoyed the Native American culture story, I thought it added another dimension to a sweet romance and helped giving structure to the story. 

Giving the nature of this book, I thought it was well executed, but a little rushed, this book was a little too short to fall into the novel category. I knew it was a novella, but I think it would have been better as a full-length novel by exploring Dolly and Charlie’s relationship.

On the down-side, the sex scenes were a little awkward to read, maybe not the strong point here, as I would have enjoyed less descriptive scenes. They just felt… forced. The hero’s persona in the bedroom was suddenly different… I was disappointed by the lack of intimacy and chemistry between the characters in these moments.

All in all, a very good first impression for this first novel by Fran Seen, a trope I’m fond of, well written and well executed, I enjoyed my reading time I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for her future books.

Author Bio

Fran Seen is a writer of new adult romance. She enjoys cemetery porn and anonymous online accounts.

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