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Baby Matchmaker


Those still work for you?
You know what I’m talking about, right? Those romance tropes where the heroine and the hero story arrive to a complete stop. When there’s nothing more to tell about them except for… a surprise pregnancy!
I really can’t anymore with the surprise baby.
Usually the hero is ready to get rid of the heroine but then BAM! She gets pregnant and he comes back to take his responsibilities, he falls back in love again, I assume because the alpha in him sees the heroine under a new light, blah, blah, blah, has to protect what’s his, blah, blah, blah… 

What about you? Anything you want to share?  I’m sure you have a thing or two bothering you in your romance novels, come on, don’t be shy…
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  1. says: Kim Phillips Palismo

    I have no problem with it if it’s done well and fits into the storyline. But don’t insult my intelligence with not using any form of protection, then pretending surprise that it happened.

    1. says: Alleskelle Blogs But Mostly Reads

      Ah, and what about the heroines wondering through chapters about their nausea… Lol, I’m rolling my eyes way too hard whenthe first signs of pregnancy are being ignored by all the females in the book.

    1. says: Alleskelle Blogs But Mostly Reads

      Yes, Silvia, shit happens, but more often than not, in romance books, the heroines would be clueless about signs of pregnancy when they know they had unprotected sex previously… Or I really hate it when an author has no other choice but to cement a relationship with an oops baby.

    2. says: Silvia Ami

      A TSTL heroine that would be clueless about signs of pregnancy is a good reason to drop the book 😀 —> DNF pile, here it comes 😉

  2. says: Sophie Salvatore

    I like it when it’s the theme of the book, like maybe after an one night stand she gets pregnant and I’m curious to see how they deal with it later on, because shit happens in real life. But I expect realistic reactions and like it was mentioned don’t act surprised if you aren’t responsible.

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