★Wonder Hero Day★ Dax Lahn

Wonder Hero Day - The Ultimate Alpha

Wonder Hero Day Wednesdays… Missed it?
Well I did!
I couldn’t think of a better hero to start again with this feature… Ladies and gents, let me present you… Dax Lahn, the only alpha you need on your shelves! (Okay maybe not the only because I’m greedy and like to collection book husbands but should there be only one… )


Sigh… Dax Lahn… I feel I’m twice lucky with this one. See, I fell in love with Golden Dynasty the first time I’ve read it but felt even more lucky for GRRM books to be translated as a TV series… Jason Momoa sure is the perfect cast for both characters! I mean Khal Drogo / Dax Lahn… Both are dreamy savages. The ultimate alpha for me.
I mean look at him… 


You have to admit the view is most certainly… gorgeous. Right? Well Dax Lahn is what I like to think the Alpha of all Alphas in romance books. Fierce, dominant, savage even, honor bound with a strong protective side. At first closed up and —let’s be completely honest here— a total asshole, you cannot simply like him. But leave him a bit of time to adjust to the new feelings and concepts Circe is bringing in his world and you’ll find he’s also sweet, caring and charming.

Out there, King Lahn is a fierce warrior but in here, my Lahn… kah Lahn is sweet

Sahnahsoo nahna Dax neenkah, kah Dahksahna,” he murmured. Let your King inside, my Queen.

Holy freaking moly…my husband was hot!

Yeah. That too. Let’s not forget the hotness factor of our Korwahk warrior… I mean think Jason Momoa as Kahl Drogo… Dax Lahn exudes power and defiance. Golden Dynasty portrays scenes of great savagery and maybe that’s the primal part in me that just loved every fight scene and bits of violence thrown my way… 

I am who I am, I am Korwahk, I am warrior, I am Dax and you must accept me as what I am. I may have forced my body on yours but I did not force your love, you gave it to me knowing who I am.

If you’re still a stranger to the beauty that is The Golden Dynasty, I cannot recommend this book enough. Some friends told me that the genre of this romance held them off reading it for a while, but please trust me, yes it’s fantasy, but the choc of culture, the romance story, the angst is worth giving this a shot. Kristen Ashley truly did a fabulous job here. Yes Golden Dynasty is savage and brutal but it’s also an incredible and out of this world love story. You will shed tears reading this!!!

He is my king, he is my warrior, he is my husband and I am proud to say above all… he is mine.

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