★WONDER HERO DAY★- The Beard 2

It’s Wednesday!
Time for another Wonder Hero to join the team!

Would you believe me if I told you I would choose bearded men every week if I could?
You would too? RIGHT?
I’m all for diversity, but I’m inexplicably attracted to the facial haired gentlemen in my special pictures folder. I should start a Wonder Beard Wednesday altogether.
I think I mostly keep going toward men with beards because of Penny Reid. Yes, her fault entirely. Did you know she had a bearded God coming this August? One of the Winston brothers. Beau Winston. Sigh. Well, I keep thinking about him and really cannot wait to read his story!
What? You don’t know who the Winston brothers are? This cannot be.
Please run to your favorite book seller and do yourself a favor, buy The Beauty and the Mustache by Penny Reid. Bearded goodness is awaiting for you, among other awesomeness. 

Wonder Hero Day #13

Your turn, say your piece :

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