★WONDER HERO DAY★ The Cowboy 2.0

It’s Wednesday!
Time for another Wonder Hero to join the team!

I know. I posted a cowboy not too long ago I believe. But what can a girl possibly do when an author throw out her way the ultimate cowboy fantasy?
So who’s to blame this week you’re asking? Kate Meader that’s whom. Not only did she had me day-dreaming about hot guys in chaps, but she’s also responsible for my first 5 stars Brazen this year!
YES. She is that good! If you ever are in the mood for a fell good sexy story, a little cowboy fantasy and a spitfire of heroine, then stop right there and read “Even the Score” by Kate Meader.
Hilarious, sexy, a little bit of angst, man groveling and a sweet epilogue. Did I mention the smoking hot cowboy?

Wonder Hero Day #20

Your turn, say your piece :

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