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It’s Wednesday!
Time for another Wonder Hero to join the team!

I’m not even going to hide the fact that the last Christina Lauren‘s Wild Seasons is 100% responsible for this week’s Wonder Hero.
My favorite writing duo does it again with the best installment of the Wild Seasons series. A friends to lovers story between a 20 something female geek and a 30 something nerd. 

Wonder Hero Day #26c
Wonder Hero Day #26d
I mean, is it okay for me to admit that I’m completely smitten by Oliver Lore? Of course, right?
But can I admit that I have a line of this book on repeat in my head since I finished it yesterday?
Let me explain, I fell completely in love with Oliver. He was such a confident man, tender, sweet, understanding, patient, the best friend EVER… And let’s not forget the hotness factor please…
Lola, despite her young age, was a great heroine. She’s an artist and graphic novelist. She creates… comics! A difficult past and not easy childhood made her a bit neurotic and recluse but I thought she was a perfect match to Oliver. I loved them together.


Friends to Lovers
Now you know that the heroes of the Wild Seasons series all have some bit of a kink in the bedroom right? They’re awesome men, friends but downright filthy in the bedroom… Let me just say that Oliver is no exception.
… Oh.
The line playing in loop in my head?
You want to know… Really?

You liked that, I just spanked your pussy and you liked it.
You’re filthy.
You’re glorious.

So what? This was my wednesday pervy moment and I’m going to own it!

“He is a menace. A calm, steady-as-fuck menace.”

More seriously, if you haven’t started on this series yet, it’s a must read and I thought the books kept getting better and better.
Oliver definitely was my favorite of the 3 so far! And if the man candy that is Jeff Kasser does not make you one-click Dark Wild Night… I don’t know what to tell you.

Wonder Hero Day #26

Inquiring mind want to know… Could it be that the drawing session scene was inspired by these pictures of Mister Kasser? 

Wonder Hero Day #26a
Wonder Hero Day #26b

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    1. says: Alleskelle

      This is exactly the reaction expected from the Wonder Heroes gallery! lol. Also this book was truly hot. And hilarious. A must read with feel good vibes all over! ;))

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