It’s Wednesday!
Time for another Wonder Hero to join the team!

I know. I know that you weren’t expecting a half naked guy for the nerd week. But this popped up my feed, and I mean, he has glasses. Who knows? Maybe he needed to unwind after the last 12 hours playing WOW. Or he spilled coffee on his clothes after spending the night coding this new website… Or maybe he’s just contemplative and wonders when oh when Thor will be back? Yeah. He is a nerd.
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Wonder Hero Day #7

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  1. I know that pretty much everyone loved this book–I’m no exception, but I have to give a shout-out to Ivan from The Theory of Attraction. He wasn’t just a nerd, though, he had something else going on like Asperger’s or something. But he was wicked smart and wicked naughty in the bed.

    And here’s one that’s a little different that I thought was really good. Defying Convention by Abby Niles. It’s set in like a ComiCon sort of thing. Hers is named GalaxyCon. It’s about a sci-fi novelist in the midst of a scandal and a newspaper reporter. It’s cute in a sort of off-beat way.

    1. says: Alleskelle

      See? You and I are sharing more than an awkward recommendation from weeks ago! I LOVED Ivan from The Theory of Attraction. Yes his lack of social skills was reminiscing of an Aspergers syndrome, but I loved how he was ‘practicing’ kinky sex to the max! It was as much as an experience, a study, as the pleasure of the act itself. Plus they were neighbors. Double win. ;))
      Didn’t read Defying Convetion—yet— but I have it on my kindle. 🙂

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