★WONDER HERO DAY★ The Rockstar

It’s Wednesday!
Time for another Wonder Hero to join the team!

This week Wonder Hero is coming in handy… Just right in time for my character’s book inspiration.
See, I just started the latest Olivia Cunning,”Insider“… This is book one in her new series Exodus End. I hope it’ll be as hot and dirty as the previous were.
She was on the first to pervert me beyond all I could imagine then. Seriously. If you read book #1 in her Sinners on Tour series, “Backstage Pass“, then you remember all about the shock and deliciousness it was to read THAT bathtub scene. Rings any bells? Myrna, Eric and Bryan all together bundled in a bathroom? No?
Either it’s time for a re-read or time to discover this amazing author.
Beware. It’s fucking dirty though.

Wonder Hero Day #16What about you? Any sexy musicians you want to share about? What are your favorite Rocker Romance?

Your turn, say your piece :

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