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I can’t wait for the next installment!
When is your next book coming out?
When is the sequel coming?
Are you done writing that book?
The last book was released over a year ago, what’s taking so long?

If you are a reader surely you must have been guilty of the above, wondering when your next slice of heaven from your favorite author was coming.
It’s okay to get impatient, it’s okay to get excited and eager for something you obviously adore from someone you admire. Addiction makes us greedy.

What is not okay is to put pressure on them by constantly reminding them you are *waiting*. What is definitely not okay is sending hate mail to an author because the book is not being written fast enough for you.

Last week I saw a post on an author’s wall, posted by her PA, about all the difficulties—health and otherwise— she had been facing for years without addressing any to the public. It’s was part of her personal life and I felt sick and disgusted to realize that she somehow agreed to let her PA reveal what is something personal to her because pressure and criticism from many readers had become so hateful she felt the need to explain in great details her ordeals. She shouldn’t had to! But when vague explanations were given to readers, she was accused of giving them “convenient excuses”. SMDH.

I love this piece written by Cara Mckenna” Writers write… Except When They Don’t “(http://wp.me/p7YYay-18c). Not enlightening if you are somehow sane of mind and treat other people with respect, but definitely a great reminder that writers we may perceive as rockstar and superheroes are human, not machines. Life happens to them too, you know.

Author, I love your books. They make me happy. I wish you could keep me on a cloud nine, daily, with new stories and new worlds to lose myself into. Somehow your addicting writing enslaved me and I’m here wandering in hangoverlandia not knowing what to do with myself. I’m sorry my eagerness to read you made me an insensitive twat sometimes. When I say I can’t wait to read you, what I mean really is your books are so good I’ll read you whenever you are ready to give me more.

And there are always re-reads. It’s all good. Take your time.
Write when you can.

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  1. says: Paige

    Wow! I can’t believe some people would even think to send hate mail to an author! Whilst it can be frustrating waiting for the next installment of a series, its also a great opportunity to read other books that are on your TBR list!

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