BOOK REVIEW⎜Acting On Impulse by Mia Sosa

Mia Sosa's brand of romance is entirely too addictive and if you're in need of happy feels you know what you have to do...


From page one I knew I had a winner in my hands when I became instantly addicted to the hero’s voice and personality. Cocky, charming with the most hilarious inner thoughts!
I also love a romance that can offer something different, in that case, diverse characters (heroine is Puerto Rican) and a fetching prose making it nearly impossible to put the book down.
Mia Sosa’s brand of romance is entirely too addictive!
If you’re in need of happy feels you know what you have to do…

Book Infos

After a very public breakup with a media-hungry politician, fitness trainer Tori Alvarez escapes to Aruba for rest, relaxation, and copious amounts of sex on the beach—the cocktail, that is. She vows to keep her vacation a man-free zone but when a cute guy is seated next to her on the plane, Tori can’t resist a little harmless flirting.

Hollywood heartthrob Carter Stone underwent a dramatic physical transformation for his latest role and it’s clear his stunning seat mate doesn’t recognize the man beneath the shaggy beard and extra lean frame. Now Carter needs help rebuilding his buff physique and Tori is perfect for the job. It doesn’t hurt that she makes his pulse pound in more ways than one.

Sparks are flying, until a pesky paparazzo reveals Carter’s identity. Tori is hurt and pissed. She wants nothing to do with another man in the limelight, but she’s still got to whip him into shape. Can Carter convince Tori he’s worth the threat to her privacy that comes with dating a famous actor, or will Tori chisel him down to nothing before he even gets the chance?

Author : Mia Sosa
Title : Acing On Impulse
Series : Love On Cue #1

Number of pages : 400
Publisher : Avon Impulse (Harper Collins)
Release Date :  September 19th, 2017
Genre : Contemporary.

My Review

With her, I embrace realness, whether good, bad, or embarrassing.

How do you like your romance? Personally, I like it just the way Mia Sosa delivers it! Light, funny and a little sexy! A nice package to uplift any kind of mood!

I’m so grateful for book friends, see, I was in this book funk, nothing grabbing my attention, not the +500 books loaded in my kindle, nor the hundreds (thousands but I must pretend I still have room to buy more) waiting to be stroked on my bookshelves when a friend posted on twitter about this new-to-me author releasing a romance book about diverse characters.

Carter Stone, covert Hollywood hottie meets spirited fitness trainer on a plane and it’s lust—no— love—okay maybe a little bit of both— at first sight. One obstacle : After a bad and very public breakup, Tori Alvarez swore off men and media attention must be avoided at all costs.

I felt like this book needed to be in my possession pronto. It felt like this little meet cute on a plane was exactly what I needed. And it just felt like this kind of light and flirty romance between two strangers was the perfect escape book I was looking for!

Instantaneously, maybe not from page one but rolled in page two and Carter’s POV had me hooked and smiling. I just connected with his cocky and confident demeanor, his cocksure and cheeky attitude but most of all I just clicked with the ludicrous and irrational thoughts of his.

Look, before you decide I’m a shallow jerk for choosing my life partner based on appearance alone, consider this: Sexual compatibility is a strong indicator of long-term wedded bliss.

See, it all started with insta lust/love on a plane for him and I just had to know if his predictions would be right and I also had to see how far his embarrassment would go. He’s used to his charms working in a flash with the ladies and never had to work for it, here he seems to forget his current look matches his last role for a movie he just finished and he’s maybe not looking or appearing as confident and bold as he is.

Acting On Impulse is told in dual POV, which let me enjoy the opportunity to know more about the heroine, Tori Alvarez. Fitness trainer she comes from a Puerto Rican family and although successful in her life, she feels an outcast in her own tribe. I loved exploring this sensible side of hers and read about her wonderful family! She was a positively strong heroine, fierce and honest.

This is wrong, wrong. And risky. And it will complicate my life in ways I can’t even imagine.

I enjoyed the get to know you stage between both characters (my favorite part), the development of a great friendship and the quality banter between Tori and Carter. The chase and seduction dance between them was flirty and had me tapping my foot in frustration, this slow burn was as torturous as it should be.

What do you think will happen if you touch me? The sky won’t fall, the earth will still spin, I promise.

We also can’t mention a slow burn without a proper… ahem, discharge. But no worries here, the author has it covered!
I knew this book was described as flirty, but I was far from expecting such a level of steam! Damn but Mia Sosa hides a dirty mind behind that lovely pen of hers!

Another thing I must point out about this book is the writing. Fetching and engaging, it just made me devour this book in little to no time. Mia Sosa writes like she would talk to a friend and I enjoyed this interaction in the book, sometimes addressing to us, reader. It felt a little like a third narrator interventions and I enjoyed this dimension.

Altogether, I truly enjoyed reading Acting On Impulse, by why not a 4 stars rating or more?

Well, I guess at some point you could say I felt a little disinterested. Disinterested by the sudden angst development created by the heroine when she decided to cut Carter loose for a simple misunderstanding. Granted it was the perfect plot play to introduce the heroine’s family and secondary characters but Tori’s reaction felt in total opposition to how the author first portrayed her: strong and resilient.

Some of the things Carter would say during foreplay in the bedroom seemed out of character or maybe too sudden-like. For me anyways. 

So this is probably reflecting on me and my personal taste and not the content of the book itself, and as you’re well aware, reading is subjective. 3.5 stars is a good and solid rating for me, and as such I’m really encouraging you to read this book, it was fun and flirty (HOT AS HELL)!

I’m very much looking forward the next book in the series, which should be about the best friend/agent Julian, and Carter’s little sister, Ashley. I’m salivating already for this “my best friend’s little sister trope“!!!

“Acting On Impulse” by Mia Sosa. ©

Excerpt “Acting On Impulse” by Mia Sosa. ©

As I crawl into the tiny space—it’s been a while since I’ve traveled coach class—I catch a whiff of her scent and close my eyes. Not sure if it’s perfume, body wash, or what, but it smells like vanilla and reminds me of the candles my mother used to buy at the local craft store. That right there is a sign. My mother would most heartily approve of this woman. 

Now to find out her name.

I turn in my seat, prepping myself for a short conversation—too much too soon isn’t part of the playbook—but then I realize she’s not next to me. I raise myself off the cushion and pretend to stretch as I turn my head to scan the back of the plane. She’s a few rows back, standing and chatting with a guy who doesn’t appear to have anyone sitting next to him.

Oh, hell no.

Do I have to go to the restroom? You bet.

Before I stand, a bell rings and a flight attendant announces that there will be a short delay while the ground crew clears debris from the runway. Perfect.

I rise and make my way through the aisle, pushing down the bill of my baseball cap so no one notices me. But, of course, someone does. For all the wrong reasons.

A little girl with huge brown eyes and a mop of bright red hair tugs on her mother’s shirt and says, “Mommy, that man looks like a bear.”

The cutie’s pronouncement is loud enough that several nearby passengers chuckle. Even the object of my fascination turns and laughs. I grin at the kid, and she growls in her best imitation of a bear. So freaking adorable, that girl. Enjoying her fascination with my beard, I channel my inner Leonardo DiCaprio and growl right back.

Now I’ve done it.

The little girl’s eyes go round, and her eyes water. Then she lets out a shriek like the hounds of hell are chasing her. Unfortunately, I’m the hounds, and everyone on the plane, including my future wife, knows it. 

The girl’s mother tries to quiet her, rocking her and telling her everything will be okay. Their seatmate, meanwhile, throws daggers at me with his eyes.

“He’s so scary looking,” the little girl chants over and over into her mother’s chest.

“Sir,” the flight attendant says behind me, “we’re getting ready to take off soon. Could you please return to your seat?”

Bewildered by the past ten minutes of my life, I nod and amble back to my row. How the hell did things go south that quickly? Fantasy woman returns, and my stomach drops when I catch the look of sympathy on her face. I slide down into my seat, give her a pathetic smile, and cover my face with my baseball cap as though I’m settling in for a nap. I need to regroup before I can speak to her. And I refuse to listen to the preflight safety demonstration unless the attendant can teach me how to save me from myself.

So now I know another thing: Whatever I tell my kids about how I met their mother, it’s going to be a lie. A big, fat fucking lie.

Author Bio & Links

Mia Sosa is an award-winning contemporary romance writer and 2015 Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Finalist. Her books have received praise and recognition from Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, Library Journal, The Washington Post, Book Riot, Bustle, and more.

A former First Amendment and media lawyer, Mia practiced for more than a decade before trading her suits for loungewear (okay, okay, they’re sweatpants). Now she strives to write fun and flirty stories about imperfect characters finding their perfect match.

Mia lives in Maryland with her husband, their two daughters, and an adorable puppy that finally sleeps through the night. For more information about Mia and her books, visit

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