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In the grand scheme of seeking escapsim, one thing I adore about romance is being able to travel through books . What I adore even more is the fantasy to travel through time, the idea of a love so strong and powerful time has no meaning and hold on it.
Of course many of us have read Gabaldon’s Outlander or discovered Jamie and Claire’s epic love story spanning over centuries through the now famous TV show, but what comes next if you enjoy that type of premise?
I’ve listed a few of mine, some are classfied as romance, others as science fiction and a few are historical romance, but all, I’m sure, will please the romance reader in you.

I know I loved all the listed below, they all have strong romantic elements, like Somewhere in Time by Richard Matheson, while not a romance, emotional connection and human feelings are the focus of the story, categorized as science fiction. The love story is haunting and Richard Matheson addicting and flawless writing just pulls you in effortlessly. This was my “first” time travel romance, I think I’ve read this one when I was 14 years old and re-read it quite a few times ever since. Highly recommended!

To Say Nothing of The Dog by Connie Willis is another non romance book but with enough romantic elements to please romance readers. A time travel,, a mystery, and a romance all in one! This book is a must read, it’s lighthearted, fun, smart and witty. You’ll likely wonder why you’ve never gave it a chance before, and will probably revisit the characters you can’t help but fall in love with. Do yourself a favor and add it on top of your overflowing TBR!

Orson Scott Card‘s Enchantment is a book I remember first reading back in highschool right after binging on The Tales of Alvin Maker. I liked the idea of a modern take on fairy tales and the question it implicitely asked “What if fairy tales were true?” Oh the fantasy!
Card’s retelling version of the Sleeping Beauty is probably one of my favorite, his writing compelling, the setting in ancient Russia and the twists he brings makes for a suspensful story.

About The Time Traveler’s Wife… Surely you’ve heard about the movie… But what about the book? I enjoyed the movie but as most readers will tell you… It’s a pale copy in comparison to the book… lol Not really a romance but a love story you have to read about! Be ready to be swept in this epic and heartwrenching love story. 

The Night Mark by Tiffany Reisz felt like being transported into my own personal fantasy. It’s not a secret I’m a huge fan of her storytelling, she fleshes out beautiful and complex characters and set here a fantastic love story cloaked in mystical and mystery. A facinating and suspenseful tale spanning through decades. Unique. Read my review here.

I swerved off topic slightly by including The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley. The heroine is traveling through worlds but the idea is just the same. A love strong enough to reunite two soul mates.The heroine is catapulted in a world so different from the modern world she comes from, it likely equals swapping centuries. This a must read for any romance reader, and I want to add, if you enjoy GOT, you have to read The Golden Dynasty, the author wrote it largely inspired by Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen.

 Every books you’ll find below, I’ve enjoyed a lot, rating no less than 4 stars. I added one last that I haven’t read yet but is on my very next pile.I’ve been recommended Marking Time by April White by many, many friends, and it’s just a matter of time—ahah— for me to get to it. And it’s FREE on AMZ right now! 
•Marking Time by April White ☞

What about you? Any Time Travel romance or stories you recommend? I’d love to hear about your personal favorites and add more to my bookshelves!


(or novels with romantic elements. Recommended to all my romance readers peeps! )

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  1. I’d add the Passenger duology by Alexandra Bracken to this list. She takes the story in such interesting directions with Nicholas being a freed (biracial) slave and the complications that develop for that time period (and others) when he and Etta contemplate romance.

    1. Of course we’ll see each other in London! I promised myself to make time for your book until then, a friend or two have been relentlessly dropping hints about it ever since last year! And I keep hearing great things about it, I’m fully prepared to redeem myself with a ” I should have listened to you all” statement. 😉

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