Book High.

What was your latest book high?

Mine was “Stay” by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy. I cracked it open on a whim, read no reviews prior buying it, and had none expectations whatsoever about it. ( Although I had just finished another awesome read and felt like no other book could compare… Oh that book was “Easy” by Tammara Webber 😉 )
Okay maybe I just hoped it wouldn’t suck. And you know how sometimes when on a Book High you can spend hours ( some of my friends spend days on this) browsing your Goodreads shelves, your reading challenges, reading trusted friends reviews, asking for recommendations or just browsing the jungle of books on your kindle? Well sometimes, randomly picking a book works just as fine… In my case, I’d like to think I summoned my reading mojo, and it answered by sending some awesome book my way.

No but seriously, do you also feel clueless about what to pick NEXT after a 5 stars read? It feels like nothing can put you on a comparable book high. Nothing can equate the glorious feeling of contentment a 5 stars read delivers. Except maybe… Another 5 stars read!

So when you don’t know what to read because you’re afraid it won’t compare to your previous 5 stars read? Just pick any damn book and trust your reading mojo!
(Or just continue to browse your endless kindle library, Goodreads, friends reviews and ask for recommendations… lol )


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