2 years later they’re still here. What we thought was a temporary trend still is a trope well loved by romance and erotica readers looking for a little forbidden romance.
While I can understand how this type of storyline can make some readers uncomfortable and be a deal breaker, I’ve seen readers go crazy over them, looking for the thrill of a taboo romance. It’s definitely not for everyone.

But what about the authors using the words “Stepbrother” and “Taboo” to lure readers in when in reality the siblings are not related at all neither did they even grow up together? Is it still taboo if the heroine meets a man at 21 years old and her divorced dad is soon to marry the hero’s mom? Can we file this under the “Stepbrother” trope ?
Personally and from my experience, once you read one, you have read them all, the 3 books with that trope and all confirmed it. While fun and hot to read, they were lacking character development and realism. (Yes, I’m one of those fiction readers who likes a thread of realism to make the fantasy relatable.)
Maybe I didn’t choose the good ones, maybe I’m just damn picky again or maybe the Stepbrother kink isn’t for me. 

What about you? Have you ever tried a Stepbrother romance, are you curious or are you against them? 

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  1. Haven’t yet and doubt I will. I do remember reading one blurb that almost had me clicking until I saw the trigger word ‘stepbrother’. The gotcha part will almost always be the same and I bore of the same over same

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