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Wonder Hero Day - The Man You'll Love

Wonder Hero Day Wednesdays…
Every week, the same challenge… Pick one of my favorite romance heroes to feature… And the choice is tough! With so many books, I can tell you it’s not easy for me to pick one I love above all others.
Sometimes I feel even bad for picking one before another another, and I wonder.. would my heroes be jealous?


Erik Fiskare… In 2015 I discovered one of the books I’ve loved the most ever since I discovered the romance genre. Although, it wouldn’t give this story the credit it deserves to put it in a case. The Man I Love was so much more than just a romance book. 

“Daisy’s curiosity was soft on his skin. She was a beautiful china cup on a table, quietly asking to be filled. And little by little, Erik was tipping over and pouring out.”

Suanne Laqueur gave me the most precious gift it is given to a reader. She gave me characters that were real. So real I was truly and honestly tied to them as if they were my real friends. I felt so much reading Erik and Daisy story, I felt as if I was reading about my closest friends, I felt as if their story was a little bit of my own.
The Man I Love is a beautiful love story, spanning over 15 years, and it’s a magnificent tale of love, joy, pain, struggle, hope and life. It is wholesome. And as deep as the above feelings can run, The Man I Love was also sexy, light, fun and sweet. Again, it’s a story that rings so much realness, it is written with so much talent and heart, I cannot simply call it a romance story.

I want to kiss you until I die

“Staring into her eyes without speaking was making love. Being buried in the heat of her frustration was making love. Wether her kiss crashed into his mouth or just brush it like a passing dream, he could taste her love. And nothing could top it. Nothing could surpass it.”

Some seek the limelight and some hold the light in place.

Yeah. Wondering why I place Erik Fiskare on top of all my Wonder Heroes? Simply because he was probably the most wholesome of all. He was sweet, tender, sexy, controlling, failing, doubting, conquering, loving, caring… He was all that. He is surely the hero I love the most.

“He wanted all of her. Her thoughts, her words, her silences and her stillness. He wanted her skin, her smell, her taste and her noises. He loved to make her come, could not get enough of the sound she made when he was bringer her around. Or rather the absence of sound.”

No one could hold me in the dark the way you do.

It’s all the little details the authors delivers about him. His thoughts about Daisy, about himself, about his love for Daisy… You literally see inside the heart of this man, this man you’ll love, in all what heart can hold, doubt, fear, pain, joy and love. And Suanne Laqueur truly did an astonishing job at writing Erik Fiskare, the hero you have to meet!
You can read my review, HERE (click)

Everybody in place.
Everything was perfect.
I love us, Erik thought. All of us.
The music started.


The fairy tale was over, yes, but a truer, grittier human tale had begun in its place.

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