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What say you? How do you like your reviews?

Personally, I tend to review my feelings and emotions. I try to explain what I loved or what I disliked and if I had any, what my issues were and why.
I rarely go over the plot of make a recap of the story. I personally think the blurb is already there for a reason, without revealing too much. I don’t need a summary of the book, I want to experience first hand every possible twist or surprise.
By doing a recap I feel like I’m spoiling the fun or reading the story for a first time reader but then I know some readers want and sometimes need spoilers. So I guess recap reviews come in handy in those cases.

I’m one of those who rarely read reviews, unless I know the reviewer is only going to give me an incentive to read the book not give me the cliff notes.
I also HATE spoilers so this explains that, lol!
I don’t even care for trigger warnings, really. If I’m curious about a book but still undecided because… reasons, I’ll wait until one of my friends or a reviewer I trust reads it and will ask about it directly.

So that’s where I stand personally but I’m curious about what everyone likes, so how do YOU prefer your reviews? 



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  1. The book blurb tells us what the book is about, so a recap isn’t necessary. Although if I don’t care for a book but am trying to put a positive spin on it, I usually end up writing a spoiler-free recap.
    But I prefer reviews that tell me how the story and characters made the reader feel.

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