I’m having the time of my life reading through Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. Really. Ordered all the mass market paperbacks to secure my bingeing this week.

I’m reading through book #4 now and this just happened : “Partir de la femme de mon maître.” #IspeakFrenchFries🍟

I suppose they tried to literally translate : “Leave my master’s wife.”
To make matter worse, it was highlighted just earlier in the book how Bones was speaking such a perfect French. Sigh. (“Partir” means leaving from somewhere, not someone. As it is, the sentence means nothing at all!)

I swear it actually hurts to read this. I was in awe of everything so far, so addicted to the characters, the amazing banter, the smoking hot scenes between Cat and Bones, the engaging dialogues, the humor, the action packed and neverending vampire chase, the multiple references to modern culture as well as mythical monsters, I mean this series turned me into full blood lusting reader!

Yes I’m still in love with the series. Yes I’ll keep reading on (blood lusting reader, remember?) I’m just dumbfounded as to think how a trad published novel could overlook a very simple sentence to translate into proper French. It’s a shame. Proof-readers, editors, copy editors, author?
This nit-picky French reader isn’t fooled by all the flourishes made about a character being a multilingual genius.

Destined to an Early Grave – Jeaniene Frost
(All books are $4.99, book 1 is $2.99)


(This is the start of a new feature on my blog. I know for most of you english is your native tongue, I’m French, I know my English is far from perfect, but I get really annoyed when authors don’t bother to get any foreign language right in their books. So… #ForTheLoveOfBaguette Stop relying on Google Translate.)

Your turn, say your piece :

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