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And hear me out, ratings are a touchy subject, I don’t want to hear about what you consider the correct way to rate a book and what you abhor in readers reviews. That is an entirely different subject and I personally think how readers choose to review books is their prerogative. For me there is no such thing as a wrong way to review unless you’re on a warpath to attack the author.

So staying on the subject of this post:
I want to hear about WHAT THE STARS MEAN TO YOU.

Personally, I’m mostly awarding stars by feel and it goes like this:
5 ⭐️: Amazing. So many feels!
4 ⭐️: Great book! I really liked it. Truly enjoyed it.
3 ⭐️: Good story. Decent book.
2 ⭐️: It was okay. Not Impressed. Not awful. Meh.
1 ⭐️: I didn’t like it. (My review will further explain which degree of dislike I’m talking about. It could just be “this book wasn’t for me therefore I didn’t enjoy it” or “I hated it” or even what I consider bad writing/poor grammar/poor storytelling. Some of my 1 stars end up being DNF too.

Keep in mind. You do you. We don’t have to agree on the above meaning of stars. Hell, even Goodreads and Amazon are disagreeing about their meaning, I want to know all about your rating scale!

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